Best 10Gb Switches of 2023

Best 10Gb Switches of 2023

With all the different brands and types of 10Gb switches on the market, picking up the best 10G network switches for your unique needs can be somewhat confusing. That’s where this article comes in handy. Before you buy any 10Gb switch, learn about its key features, such as speed and the number of ports.

How to Choose the Best 10Gb Switches?

You should take into consideration a number of key features of 10Gb switches, including speed, energy efficiency, switch ports, and switch functions, before making a choice. Now we will walk you through four key features that play an important role in the quality and performance of 10Gb switches.


A steady speed is what buyers are looking for in a 10G switch. If you have a shaky connection and your web speed slacks, you may want to check if the switch you’ve purchased can ensure a decent and steady speed. But speed is influenced by Ethernet, which means the switch itself cannot completely change or slow down your network speed. To err on the safe side, you do need to do a speed test on the 10Gb switch you’re going to choose.

Energy Efficiency

This is a vital factor needed to be considered as you will keep the switch on for extended periods of time. Some 10G switches are configured with independent overload and short circuit protection, while others have LED indicators to show power status. These can help you keep on top of energy efficiency. Actually, specific power consumption largely depends on how heavily you deal with the data. Thus, you can choose a 10G switch that fits your needs with relatively low power consumption and high energy efficiency.

Switch Ports

Make sure that you get a 10Gb switch with a proper number of ports, neither less nor more than you have to use. The quantity of ports doesn’t ensure mean better performance. The number of 10G ports often comes with 8, 12, 24, or 48. Furthermore, the 8-port and 12-port 10Gb switches are commonly used for homes or small businesses. 24-port and 48-port 10G switches are mainly deployed in data centers or large enterprise networks. If you need a 10G network switch for home use where you need to connect it to 3-4 devices, buying a switch with 24 ports will be a waste.

Switch Functions

This factor means the highlight of 10G network switches of different types. 10G switches support some common features such as MLAG, IPv4/IPv6, VXLAN, NVGRE, SNMP, MSTP, etc. Those functions ensure that they can fit in both traditional and fully virtualized data centers. Some advanced security features such as Storm Control and IGMP Snooping are also available. They can monitor broadcast, multicast, or unknown unicast traffic to save bandwidth in the network. Thus, you should figure out all the functions a 10G switch has to offer.

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